Thursday night I had to drive back down to good’ol Cerritos for a birthday dinner at Sushi Gallery. The drive thankfully was unpainful with taking the carpool lane basically all the same from el segundo to cerritos, which got us there in about 40 minutes. I don’t even want to guess how long it would’ve taken if i was driving solo. We even had enough time to stop by Walmart to check out the LCD tvs, and some other supplies.

As for the food, i was guess if it was Japanese owned or Korean owned, and when it was sanwiched between 3 Korean restaurants i was kind of worried but i dived in. Thankfully it was the best Korean sushi i’ve ever had. I normally have issues with how Korean places make their sushi, and i don’t know if its the vinegar, or what they put in the rice, but it always makes my mouth feel funny, as if i ate peanuts. Not a good thing.

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