Size 9

You wouldn’t know that there was a recession going on by the shopping going on this weekend. LCD tv’s were […]


Looking for snow

This week I started off with my hoody, but it was really cold. The next day i wore my North […]


aXmas Tree

Tonight Joy and I finally braved the cold weather, and went down to Home Depot to pick up a xmas […]


Water stain fun

There’s been a water stain on the staircase leading up to my apartment. Everytime i looked at it i thought […]


Wedding Diet

With only a few months left before the wedding day Joy and I are doing our best at getting into […]


World on discount

Black friday may be a week by, but the whole world seems to be calling it quits and closing their […]


I’m a winner!

Free stuff is always nice, but winning stuff is even better! At the vinyl toy convention in Pasadena there was […]


Back to Cerritos

Thursday night I had to drive back down to good’ol Cerritos for a birthday dinner at Sushi Gallery. The drive […]