Thanksgiving got here faster than i could’ve imagined. It feels like Halloween was only last weekend, and my birthday a week before that. This year I went to Joy’s cousin’s house, and even though i’ve spent many a dinners there before, this year they invited my parents over for one big thai gathering.

Joy’s cousin Pat spent the day cooking a nice little 12 lb turkey, and a HUGE Prime Rib. I cooked up some fried chicken wings, and Joy made some cresent roll wrapped lil smokies. My mom even made a Thai dessert which was quite the crowd pleaser, so much that they made sure that i left it when i was getting ready to go home.

After all the little ones got ready for bed, we brought out the poker chips, and the gambling gene seemed to come out from everyone. I was the first one knocked in the first game, but won out the second game so i was up $10.00 by the end of the night. It was a very nice night of food, family, and future family. Pictures here.

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