My highly anticipated TV show Top Chef Season 5 (New York) started this past week. The season started with a twist with the First Quick Fire elimination of the show’s history. Pretty sad moment when it came down to two chefs that knew each other, and amazingly the youngest/student chef made it past the quick fire elimination and even the Real Challenge of cooking ethnic foods based on different parts of New York.

Amazingly the newbie made some teriyaki noodle dish and passed it off as Chinese food and made it through to the next round. I smell some producers getting their hands on the elimination choice. Its Bravo TV so of course they’re Yah! for Gay. Hopefully the next rounds will prove more believable of eliminations.

2 thoughts on “Top Cheffing

  1. Wait a minute…the newbie actually did get kicked off. The two “culinary school buddies” were both kicked off in the first episode.

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