We’ve been trying out recipes using our crock pot for the up coming holiday season. Two weeks ago we made yummy pot roast, and last weekend slow cooking some pork butt and making a weeks worth of bbq pulled pork. We invited the Wangs over for Sunday dinner, and we ate pulled pork sandwiches watched Pineapple Express,and finished it off with some green tea mochi. We had to keep a watchful eye on noah as he’s starting to climb up everything and just pulling out everything he can get his mitts on. We’ll need to baby proof the living room for future gatherings.We had enough left over to make more pork sandwiches, pork salads, and a pork pizza for the rest of the week’s meals.

There a few more recipes that we want to try out, but it really is a weekend thing only because we can be letting food cook on its own for 6-8 hours, but i guess we can take the risk and try.

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