Thanksgiving Eve is normally one of my favorite nights of the year because usually everyone is back into town and its the only time when friends have anytime before they’re stuck with family before the rest of the weekend.

This year we made the trek out to Hollywood to meet up with Roland for dinner at uWink the ” Social Entertainment Restaurant.” Basically every table has monitors built in where you can order drinks, food, and play games together, but i found that the system actually hinders any sort of conversation around the table. Imagine eating dinner with a laptop in front of everyone’s face. Pretty much useless in my opinion, especially if you have two hungry people sharing the same monitor trying to figure out what to eat. At least the food was decent, and the the hamburger stuffed with shortribs, fries, and onion strings were pretty good.

Afterward we went to Jimmy’s Lounge for drinks with Emily and Andrew. I was already dead tired at this point, but enjoyed a few vodka tonics before we called it a night. It was nice to get out of the westside after not really leaving for about a month.

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