So its been a little over a week now with the G1 so i figured i would give another recap of my experiences with the Google Phone. To start off i found out that the weakest part of the phone is definately the camera. In low lights, there’s no way that the camera can take a real image, and even in full daylight sometime is struggles to snap right away. Even if can get a good shot, the color is totally blue. Sure i can fix it in photoshop, but who wants to do that for every photo they take. The next part which i could’ve guess now that i’m using more of the phone’s functions (GPS, more apps) the battery will barely last me the whole day without a recharge. I got a little spoiled with my minimal functionality razr that would last for a week, so i don’t take this completely negatively.

For the good, i’ve had really good reception with Internet connectevity whether its the G3, or Edge network. I’ve been getting some really good usage out of the GPS whether its for google maps, or playing some GPS based games. The phone has of course kept me on top of my game with emails, calendar events, and of course sports scores. I also figured out that i can just drag and drop music files, and movie files onto the microSD card and play them directly from the phone. Pretty nice feature that i don’t need a third party software to update the phone.

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  1. the guys at work here keep trying to beat me up cause i have an iPhone and they want the G1. i figure that ill wait till it looks better and the platform has all its bugs worked out. i prefer google over apple as a company, but dang it i love pandora on this damn thing! 🙂

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