Saturday night my orginal plan was to head down to Cerritos to for an early Thanksgiving dinner that my high school friend Toan invited me to. That was the plan at least, but after a morning hike at Temescal canyon, and a walk around Melrose to check out the Burton flagship store, and a few other fun stores down the street the thought of driving down to Cerritos tired my mind out.

Instead we picked up Ben and went to watch 007 Quantum of Solace. Review after the break. We got out of the movie around 8:30pm and still plenty of time to grab a late dinner. After listing a few places around the area, Ben tempted us to go to Killer Shrimp which sells one single dish, a bread dipping shrimp broth. Sadly when we drove there it was closed, and our appetites had been set. The only possible solution that would have it was Bubba Gump’s. Joy and I have been avoiding most touristy places in Santa Monica, but there was no choice that night.

We ordered it up since it will probably be the only time we visit the place even though we pass by it every week when we go running. We satisfied our craving by ordering the dippin’ broth, some clam chowder, hush puppies, seafood basket, and of course some beer. I went ahead and got the 22oz that came with a take home glass. We chowed down on the slightly underseasoned food, finished our drinks and enjoyed all the 80s early 90s music before we finished the night.

Quantom of Solace is a direct sequal to Casino Royale. Too bad i totally forgot at the end of the 1st movie. Throughout the movie i was trying to wrap my mind around some of the names that were being thrown out, and the random plot lines that seemed a little weak and confusing at points. Overall the movie kept me entertained, but the foreshadowing was sadly obvious.

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