This past weekend was another busy one. Friday night i felt like going out to eat somewhere a little nicer than sizzler so i took Joy out to Literati2, but we ate so much that we didn’t get to enjoy the churros. It was a nice dinner before the start of the weekend.

Saturday i gave Joy a chance to get some studying done by heading out to Burbank to play golf with Roland and his brother Jeff. It was a good time, even with a light drizzle throughout the afternoon. Luckily i kept enough shots straight enough to overcome Roland’s last victory in Palm Springs. On the way back to the westside i stopped by and picked up some yummy mojo potatoes, and sure some pizza and chicken from Shakey’s, one of the few left in the LA area. It still soooo good, and lasted through Sunday too.

I was a bit tired after golf i needed an early evening nap but woke up in time to catch the dodgers finish off the chicago cubs to advance in the playoffs. Right after i had to change and head back to Artesia to celebrate Vince’s 27th birthday. You know it was a good birthday when you’re drinking the tequila straight from the bottle.

Sunday we slept in, and did 4 loads of laundry. It was really nice outside and we thought about taking a hike up in the Santa Monica mountains, but decided to go to Univeral Studios instead. The place was decked out for Halloween Horror Nights, including the backlot tour. They even had an actor to play Norman Bates at the Psycho Motel. I would really want to go, but Joy is a bit scared not to go in a large group that she could hide in. Finally we went to the semi-famouc Katsu-Ya for some Sushi. It was good and fresh, but not exactly spectacular.

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  1. Wow! I’m exhausted reading this blog about our weekend. My mind has been so caught up in this darn exam, I totally forgot that we went out!

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