So our dear chef Kobe has decided to take the next culinary step and is leaving his position as Chef De Cuisine of Mozza Pizzeria. Hopefully in the next few years i’ll be writing about the opening of his very own restaurant.

For a last meal as you may, I met up some of the guys from B’s bachelor party for one final meal of gluttony, and celebration. If you look closely on the table there are seven pizza pies ranging from clams, meat lovers, truffle cheese, anchovies, to a broccoli pizza. Strange? yes, delightful?, some of them. We finished off two bottles of wine, a glass of prosecco each, to go along with a bunch of appetizers, and desserts.

Its going to be tough to go back since once you’ve tasted extra special attention, its going to be hard to go back and not get the same attention.

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