Sunday we woke up at the butt crack of dawn (i guess even before dawn since the sun wasn’t even up yet) to head to Union Square to support Joy on her Nike Women’s Marathon. I figured that it wasn’t going to be a problem to run it since i already ran one last year, but this was a completely different race. There were hills and hills after hills. The views were much better and the weather overcast the whole time, and i didn’t take off my running jacket the whole time.

By mile 6 of 13.1 i started to feel a twinge in my hip, and i had to stretch it out every few hundred yards. By mile 11 i had to fall back and let Joy and my sister go on ahead of me. Its weird running by yourself as a guy in the largest gender specific race in the world, and especially at the end when you’re not technically suppose to be in the race and they tried to pull me out of the race right before the finish line, but i played deaf, and just ran passed the bouncers. I had no care to pick up a blue tiffany’s box being given away by firemen in tuxes. You kidding me?

Any ways i finished the race in under 3 hours, hurt hip and all, but Monday morning i totally thought i was going to die. My knee ached so bad i couldn’t even move it. I thought i was going to need to stay home all day, but i popped some advil, and a few hours later i was back on my feet. I’m going to have to think long and hard if i can do that again.

3 thoughts on “I-totally-injured-myself soreness

  1. Ha, well i didn’t quite “train” for this halfathon. I did get up to six miles about a month ago, but didin’t run more than 3 miles leading up to the race.

    A year is plenty of time. Which halfathon are you running?

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