Only one year left until i hit the three oh! mark. I can’t believe that its getting there, but i can’t complain since beting 28 treated me well. I celebrated the new age by heading out to K-town with a few friends, for some beer, ok lots of beer, and soju. We went to this place called Crazy Hook, in what i could describe as the TGIF of Korea, The place is decked out in Pirate theme, and serves beer by the CCs out of beer towers up to three feet tall. In all we finished off three 5000cc’s of budweiser and a Patron bottle of peach soju. I was a little worried when i was double fisting a glass of soju along with a glass of beer. Fun times, but i totally forgot to take a picture with the pirates at the front of the restaurant.

Afterwards the guys from the office said that we should head out to Little Temple for a night cap, but mainly so that they could actually have girls that they could hit on. Korean girls are probably a little too strong for their taste. The bar ended up being a sausage fest, and 100° inside so we didn’t stay too long, but for my final birthday prize we ordered up some bacon wrapped hotdogs for dessert, with all the fix’ins. Joy got me home nice and safe, and i have to say i love K-town.

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