Labor day weekend ended at the Costa Mesa, with Shane and the gang throwing a little bbq, along with a bounce house. They cooked up a good amount of meat, from beef ribs, pork ribs, corn, and carne asada. Joy and I baked some cream puffs in the morning, and plenty of other deserts also arrived.

The bounce house was fun, until i started getting motion sickness from all the food and beer in the stomach.
John and his buddies found another way to enjoy the bounce house, by jumping off the roof of the house onto the roof and columns of the poor thing. I wasn’t having anything to do with it, so for most of the day we rocked out to rock band.

It was also pretty cool seeing a few people i haven’t seen for some 6-8 years, namely mr. Peter Chabay. The guy used to pick up me up in the morning to drive me to school before i turned 16. I picked up quite a bit of music from him ranging from Metallica, to Joe Satriani. I may not listen to them, but at least i know who, and what they sing.

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