Bryant celebrated his last remaining days as a bachelor by having his friends fly out to vegas to eat. We spent 3 wholes days there, just to eat one meal, because thats all you do for a bachelor party of course. We had Reservations at Carnevino in the Palazzo, another Mario Batelli restaurant so of course, the star treatment was administered. The dinner started at 8pm, and didn’t finish until a bit past midnight. Four hours is a long amount of time to eat one meal, but when you’re served over 18 dishes, and grill 4 60 ounce steaks, it can take some time to prepare.

We were treated to basically our own room, and personal service from what seemed like their entire staff. We started with a complimentary bottle of champaign to get us started, and from there we started one amazing meal. I don’t even remember what we received, but basically we got a tasting of over half the menu in one seating. In one meal i had my first taste of sweet breads, beef tartar, beef carpaccio, and lardo.

After the appetizers I was ready for the main course of a rib eye to share for 2. Lo and behold 5 orders of pasta came to the table, compliments of the chef of course. The best out of all of them was the Ravioli Di Stracotto (duck livers), and i normally don’t like liver, but this was damn good.

Finally the main course arrived, and we were in awe and in shock of the size of steak that we were ill-prepared to feast upon. They cut the steak table side, along with some of the best green beans ever. Some suffered more than other, but it was delicious, and i actually almost finished my share of the steak.

As the finisher we were served some Prickly Pear Sorbet, hand picked from the desert of Nevada, and 4 other desserts, and finally an entire bottle of what someone called a digestivo. To me it was basically just taking six ounce shots of hard liquor considering it was like 60 proof.

I was ready to die afterwards, but we had other things to do that night. Like, … uh … drink, ya … drink.

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