Last night I kind of had to force myself to stay up as Roland’s friend’s were running a bit late. We started by having a few predrinks to start the night, then a few more. Finally we arrived to Fais Do-Do in midcity for what else, more drinks. It sure was a strange scene, as there was the most short, non-dwarfism, people i’ve been around, a group of gay guys, another group of lesbians. They had a pretty cool band that was composed of a dj, a couple horn instruments, keyboardists, and 3 singers/rappers. The music was really flowing, and they sung about the strangest topics, including being lactoce intolerant.

Finally we decided to leave, and as i headed out the door i felt a rumbling in the tummy, and out came some foam, and some liquids right after. We went back to the westside for some pastrami and fries to soak some alcohol up, and off to dream land i went. Thankfully i woke up without a tinge in the head. Good enough to take a five mile run in the afternoon.

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