Last weekend Joy and I went to Target to buy her friends some baby gifts since they are due in a few weeks. While shopping i stopped by the electronics section, and to my surprised I actually saw a wii for sale there, and sitting right next to it was Mario Kart too. I was really tempted at buying the wii too, but thought i would let some other kid in need to have a chance to buy it. Mario Kart is one of the harder games to find, and the only one left that i probably need is wii fit.

The game itself is pretty fun, and a lot more challenging than previous titles. For once tilting the controller while turning really affects how your kart moves! Now only if the next version allows my mouth to be open  which makes the kart go faster, then i’m golden.

3 thoughts on “Who’s Game?

  1. Mouth open?! Oh man…remind me to sit far…far…away from you because I don’t want any spit flying my way. =)

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