Sunday night we headed to Cerritos to have a Birthday dinner for the pops. I actually got him a present after a few years of not getting him anything. I found a really nice honolua shirt on the way back from Malibu. We went and got some Thai food, and just hung out for the rest of the evening. He’s been having a pretty good time on retirement. Just hanging out with friends, going on road trips to Seattle. You know, stuff you would do if you had the free time.

Not much going on during the weekends lately. Its actually been pretty relaxing being able to wake up late (past 8:00 am) go for some exercise, eat some nice meals, and go visit friends and family. This weekend was no different. Joy and I took a hike up in Malibu to see some waterfall which by Los Angeles Magazine the easiest to get to. It was a little weird getting to the area because its surrounds by these mansions that have a view to the ocean.

When we got into the meat of the hike it got a little creepy with no one else around, and high brush all around. I think i’ve been listening to the news about mountain lion attacks too much, because i had to pick up a rock just in case. Luckily we saw some older lady jogging back towards us with out a care in the world, and another lady catching up with us with dog in tow. When we finally reached the waterfall it was pretty unspectacular. I’m sure in the spring its a much better sight, but it was just stinky

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Dad

  1. Do you really think that you could have taken a mountain lion out with one rock? I’m thinking he would just get pissed off and pounce you.

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