Friday night Joy and I used the tickets that we got from the shortened viewing of the Dark Knight, and went to watch The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. After the show we sneaked into a showing of Batman that was inline with our movie and caught the last 20 minutes of what we missed. Yes it was a little anticlimactic, especially with what happened the previous 120 minutes of the movie, but i thought it was a pretty good movie.

I can’t say the same about the Mummy. Overall it was a terrible movie, with a bad story line, bad cast (beyond fraser and john hannah), and uninteresting special effects. Although if it ever came on TV at any time of the day i would totally sit and watch the whole thing. The movie had a good basis of a plot in the beginning until it oddly turned into a mixture of the plot of the first two mummy movies, a little indiana jones, hong kong kung fu jet li movie, and a unbelievable relationship movie. Too bad Rachel Weisz wasn’t in the movie, and they didn’t cast a younger actor to play their son. Well that and came up with an actual original storyline, oh and maybe didn’t include the Dragon, what the hell was the point for that?

I’ll just pretend that it was a made for TV series based on the Mummy movies. Something like the Clueless TV show.

2 thoughts on “un-unfinished business

  1. hey johnny!

    what do you mean? another life you don’t know about?

    geesh visit cerritos why don’t ya?! don’t forget about your roots! haha!

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