Friday night we went out to Pasadena to celebrate’s Joy’s friend’s birthday with a little food, and a whole lot of alcohol. We picked a place called Brenart to eat where you could buy wine from a specifc store and there wouldn’t be an uncorking fee. The place didn’t really have any “cheap” wine, and carried a few napa brands that we’ve visited. We picked out a red and a white and headed to the restaruant. The place was awefully quiet for a friday night, but i figured it was because of the holiday weekend.

The rest of our party slowly arrived, and eventually we ordered. The food did take a surprisingly long time to make, but i figured that our party of 10, and another party of 8 got seated at the same time, so they had to whip together some 20 dishes all at the same time. The food was actually delicious, especially the scallops and risotto. The steak was prepared nicely but we didn’t eat it fast enough and by the end it cooked itself to well done.

We ended up finishing the two bottles that we brought, another bottle that the chef gave to the birthday girl, and were quite toasty. We wanted to have more drinks so we walked next door to do shots of vodka, and a few of us decided to keep the party going a little longer and headed to a friend’s friend’s house. There I ended up having another two beers, and another shot of vodka. Wow, i’m going to be in trouble in a few weeks when i head to vegas. My body just can’t take that sort of abuse anymore.

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