Last night was the opening of the 8 bit art show in hollywood. So Joy, Roland, and I headed out of feet to the heart of hollywood, but i already knew we were never getting in. LA is all about nostalgia from the 80s, and the crowd around the store proved me right. The line circled down about a block just to get inside. Thankfully the glass windows showed a glimpse of whats inside with the huge piranha plant at the window sill. The art show runs until september, and if you’re not lucky enough to see it in person, flickr has got a ton of pictures of the event already.

So instead we decided to to greed it out by eating at Lucky Devils for a very surprising, tasty, and surprisingly expensive dinner. We started off with a few beers, and decided to split all our dishes and ordered the Kobe beef fire burger, the bbq beef sandwich and a full rack of ribs. All the food was quite tasty and we managed almost to eat it all (a homeless guy enjoyed the rest) and we all left stuffed to the end. Overall we spent $90 for all three of us. Little more than i would expect to spend of some burgers and ribs, but i guess its what you get when you land on the high rent district.

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