It wasn’t an officially sanctioned COC tournament, but it still needed to be done. After a year layoff the gang (smaller in size) got together for another golf tournament. If i’m still living out on the westside, it’ll probably be the last out to Palm Springs. I had to wake up at 4:30am so that i could get to Roland in Hollywood by 5:00am, so that we could get to Brock in Corona by 6:30am, so that we could get to our 8:40am tee time.

The course was very well maintained, but noticed that they recently aerated the greens, so they weren’t rolling as true. The course had many landing areas that weren’t completely visible to from the tee box, but that’s part of the fun of different courses. I was actually very happy with how i played for the day, ending up with four pars, but sadly at the end of the day round up in third place even if i led for most of the day. Roland took his first golf tournament so he was pretty happy.

300 miles of driving, five hours in 100°+ weather, and gallons of water i got back home around 6:00pm. I took a shower got into bed, and woke up 12 hours later.

3 thoughts on “Afternoon Tee

  1. Oh dang.. you or Brian didn’t win!! Crazy!! What were the scores.. or who took 1st. 2nd 3rd 4th? Thats awesome though! Wish I was there.. You know how that goes for me though.. Work work work on the weekends

  2. Technically, Roland and Brian Tied, but Roland had less lost balls, i scored one back, but the least lost balls of the group, and brock ended up in the back, way back.

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