The vacation is over and everything is back to normal with life, work, and planning. The California roadtrip was a pretty fun, and interesting visiting new places, and eating at some awesome spots. With a little advice from friends, consulting yelp, and just following my sister we ended up visiting seven cities, bought two bottles of wine, ate at six great spots, and put on over 1000 miles on Joy’s corolla.

We saw the fishies at the Monterey Aquarium, ate some oysters at Tomales Bay, tasted a few cheap wines Solvang, and a couple expensive wines at Pride in Napa. Had some tasty brazillian ceviche, and fried smelt at Bossa Nova. Enjoyed the best lamb ever and learned that Absinthe is completelly disgusting at 25° Brix. We visted the storied 18th hole at Pebble beach, and ate an ice cream sandwich just off the green. So much food and wine that i’m actually glad that they’re mostly up north so i wouldn’t be tempted to eat there more often.

Nothing too exciting happened, but i think it was the vacation that my mind and body needed after a few hectic months at work.

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