158 Million dollars on opening weekend, and i was 10 dollars of that. Sadly i should’ve only given 8, since the movie cut out with about 20 minutes left of the film.  It was really late, and the AC seemed to be turned off so I decided that i didn’t want to sit and wait for them to fix the film. Therefor now i’m stuck with not wanting to sit through two hours of the movie to catch the last part of the movie.

I did think the movie was absolutely great, but i really can’t stand being in a theater for that long. So now what do i do? Go watch another movie and try to sneak into another batman screening, or do i just “get” a copy and watch it at home? I just don’t know what to do.

Heath Ledger for MVP. Serious i really couldn’t see him behind the makeup, and he did an extraordinary job playing the demented antagonist. Unfortunately for Bale, there was no way he could upstage him by playing the very dull Batman. Go see it, its worth it.

3 thoughts on “The Dark Knig

  1. i think you should go out and rent chitty chitty bang! bang! far better of a movie and well worth the dough. plus its awesome when you are tripping balls.

    “dude its like totally a flying car!”

    i cant say that i have seen any batman movie since michael keaton and i dont think i really want to either. but i do have to agree, heath ledger was a great actor. pity we have to say ‘was’.

  2. I also saw it black knight and I am sorry to said that I was so bored in the movie that I wished I sneak in the sushi that I buy it at Japanese grocery store. I like so much the salmon skin.

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