Saturday started out in the south bay, and was suppose to end up in Marina Del Rey, but that didn’t happen. I took Joy out of Santa Monica, for a change of scenery for our weekend run by taking her down to Manhattan/Hermosa Beach. We enjoyed similar but different views of the ocean, and the general public, and she actually got mad at me for not taking her down sooner. Hey a guys got to keep a few things up his sleeve right? We ran from one pier to the other and back for about 5 miles, and finally had brunch at Uncle BIll’s Pancake House for some cornbeef hash, and pancakes.

We headed back home and stopped by Home Depot to pick out a new color for our bedroom because we came to realize that our original green was probably a bit too intense for our old eyes. We picked out a “teepee” brown, to hopefully calm down our nerves. I guess i got a little too ambitious and painted right through the evening festivities at Crystal’s place. I guess it might have been for the better as they drank all night long, and probably with not so pleasant results. We even got a new quilt cover and lamp to go with our new coloured walls.

The guys seem to be enjoying it.

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