Saturday was another scorching day, and i’m sure like most of the other socal’ers we were trying to beat the heat anyway we could. I did what i could and chopped off my hair, but was sorely disappointed with the results. I was trying to get the fohawk that had a few years, ago, but it ended up being more of just a buzz cut, and the funniest thing was that my mom actually said she preferred me with the longer hair style, even though she’s been lobbying me to cut it for months now. Thats just sad, thankfully hair grows back.

We met up with the Wangs for lunch at Schezwan Palace for some chinese food, and afterwards went to the Natural History Museum to find some air conditioning. We saw Thomas T-Rex being worked on, and saw actually a pretty cool dinosaur costumed presentation thing that i can’t describe.

Noah is getting a bit harder to hang out with, he insists to be carried all the time by mom or dad, so he basically was telling me he didn’t like Thai people. What a racist! Just kidding of course, we shared a few laughs throughout the day.

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