I’m not being racists but seriously, who do you think they’re catering to here, the Japanese? I don’t even see some Mexican restaurants sell Modello let alone a theme park. I don’t have any problem with that, but it is interesting to see some 40+ ladies walking around with a big plastic cup of beer.

Joy and I went to kill some hours yesterday and used our buy a day pass to ride the new Simpsons ride. I really hoped it was going to be a real roller coaster, but i knew it was just going to be a rethemed Back to the Future ride. The line was 40 minutes long, but they had tv’s all along the line showing itchy and scratchy cartoons, and some clips made specifically for the ride. There’s an entire story line to go along with the ride starting once you get into the building. Sadly though when you finally do make it onto the ride, be in for a big disappointment. Its a bit of a hurky jurky ride, and i had a headache by the time i stepped outside.

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