Out of all the types of marketing, i still enjoy getting some direct mail pieces. Something about the surprise of opening a sealed envelope is still fun, and this week it worked twice, or at is going to. First in the mail we got a “special offer” from Roy’s, where we ate for Joy’s birthday, that had a $20 gift card in it, score! Then i got in the mail a few days later for a special subscription offer from Los Angeles Magazine for “westsiders” a special of 24 (not 12) issues for only $9.95. I’ve actually been thinking about getting a subscription, so now i just might.

If not for the tons of useless credit card offers, i would say send me more, but i do hate dumping a pound of junk mail in the recycle bin everyday.

1 thought on “Still a sucker

  1. if have wamu you have to login to your onlinebanking account and specifically tell them not to direct market to you or share your info!

    you can also call that number on the back of most credit card offers to take you off the list for 3 years, but it takes like 6 months before you will notice anything.

    junk mail is the worst.


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