WORK decided that it was finally time for the office warming party, too bad it happened a year and a half after we moved in, and possibly five months before we move out. More on that later. DJ Beezer was kind enough to bring over his fricken lasers, turn tables, and fog machine. We bought 7 heineken kegs, a bottle of vodka, and rum to keep the party going, and on and on it kept and going until about 1 in the morning. When the last guests left, DJ Beezer let the fog machine rip, and filled the entire office with smoke, and subsequently set off the fire alarm. We rushed to shut down the alarm, but it was too late, and five minutes later a fire truck arrived much to our chagrin. Once they saw it was just a bunch of idiots, with too much alcohol, they left quietly, and we finished up cleaning the office.

Our sublease is up in a few months and the planning stages of a major rental increase is making us check out the current office leases availability in the surrounding, and distant area. We’ll see what happens in a few month, but i really hope we stay near the beach.

3 thoughts on “Did somebody ask for lasers?

  1. damn sorry to hear that hopefully you guys find something on the cheap. lots of commercial space here is vacant but you are in Santa Monica… so good luck!

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