Saturday at the bowl wasn’t a classic bowl event since The Cure was a “leased” event and not an official bowl concert meaning that you couldn’t bring in your own alcohol, which also meant that there were a ton of people that didn’t know the rules. There were hundreds of people outside the gates getting their booze on before they could go inside. Interestingly enough they do sell bottles of wine, but wont let you bring the glass out so they dump all the wine into huge big gulp like cups to bring to the seating area. We settled for a few beers instead.

I have to remember that at the bowl, the actual performers don’t start until the sun goes down, so next time i wont get there on time. Over all it was a good show, and they played some new songs into the old songs, and even played a stretch of really good songs that let us leave before the entire show finished. We left by walking down the middle of the stadium and snaked our way through some outer stairways and actually made it almost to the very front of the stage. Robert Smith still sounds great, but man is that guy getting old, and the makeup isn’t hiding anything.

1 thought on “Bowl for the Cure

  1. Did Robert Smith also look like he’d swallowed an entire other person? All kinds of puff and bloat in a poet blouse.

    That being said, dude still rocks.

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