It might be all just a coincidence, but with The Cure concert just around the corner, the radio stations have been all about my music. I started Gay Friday, by playing all the WeHo jams like Pet Shop Boys and Erasure, but now the most non WeHo radio stations have been following suit. A few weeks ago while i had one of my few afternoon drive through traffic, i listened to Money and Petros on AM570 and lo and behold they had a “gay music” themed show. Probably one of most unlikely stations to go in that direction was pretty amusing even if it never happens again. To top it off saturday while i was driving back up to Los Angeles from Cerritos the guys on indie 103.1 announced they were going to have a “gay jams” show next weekend, so i think everyone should enjoy the sounds of synthesizers and countertenor vocals. I am not alone i tell you!

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