What was planned to be a movie with Jonathan and Noah turned out to be a movie void of Jonathan and Noah. Wow did they miss out on an awesome movie. I have been one to shy away from comic movies because most of them just plain sucked. Those movie either suffered from bad plots, bad acting, way too much CGI and usually all three. Iron Man suffered from none of those.

At the end of the movie i had to keep telling myself that Robert Downey Jr. wasn’t really Tony Stark, and was still just Robert Downey Jr. Who else could pull of being an arrogant playboy who didn’t give a crap of what people thought of him, and lived in a world of their own. I could almost believe that some of the lines he said in the movie were ones he’s said in real life. They used the CGI very well, and there were only a few instances that you could really tell that it was all computer animated. I give much respect to Jon Favreau for doing a good job directing, especially from producing swingers or acting in Friends. Others must feel the same with the movie pulling in over $100,000,000 on the first weekend of release, and whats more it makes me want to watch The Incredible Hulk even less, and i was already in no way going to watch it.

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