Andy and Jenn’s wedding is fast approaching, and they’ve been gracious enough to ask for my help with the photography. Personally my experience for such events is quite low, i deferred to my sister for help at the wedding, but i was more than happy to go at it solo (well plus shane and joy) for their engagement photos. I had the fun task of getting Andy to take it serious enough to smile and not looked annoyed, and the pure lack of knowledge of the difficulties of staging shots.

Overall i think i did an ok job for my first time, but i seriously have a laundry list of things to do before i do another one. Some of the bigger issues were fighting the heat and the high sun, and trying to get the best shot without any other strangers in the background. I truly appreciated having shane and joy around to see things at a different angle, or run up to get some napkins to wipe down andy’s sweating forehead.

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