I have officially been massaged by Mr. President Bush by receiving my economic stimulus check into my bank account this weekend. The thoughts of $600 newly floating in my account puts many ideas into my little brain. One side of my brain says, put it away, because you said you were going to start saving, but the other side is telling me, doesn’t your ass hurt? and wouldn’t it be nice to get a new couch, or aren’t your eyes hurting from watching that tiny tv of yours? I wonder what $600 worth of bacon would look like?

4 thoughts on “Officially stimulated

  1. all the tv companies are slashing prices to get you to spend your GWB money. I say HD is an awesome investment especially while tvs are almost 1/2 off. If you don’t want to spend it at least put it towards cc’s. Then once they are paid off save.

    No use in saving at 1-5% when your debt is 8-20%.

    good luck… and bball, nature shows, and lost are awesome in HD


  2. Did you know that Food Network is in HD now?! Save your money…come over here to watch HD. Muhahaha.

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