Joy took her final steps to getting her Masters in Therapy. The ceremony what thankfully in doors because it was scorching outside, not to say it wasn’t a little hot inside either. Surprisingly Tommy Lasorda was the guest speaker, and honorary graduate so all the grads got a new dodger hat. Everything went smoothly and the MC even got Joy’s last name right when he read it aloud.

Probably the most interesting part of the whole thing was that my parents met Joy’s parents there, and the dads spent the rest of the afternoon talking about who knows what, because i only paid attention to about 10% of their conversations all through the ceremony and all the way through lunch at the Market Broiler at the Block of Orange.

We finished the night by going out to The Brig over on Abbot Kinney for a couple drinks and accidentally ended up at a gay bar when we tried to change scenes. I blame it all on Joy and Cindy, and yes it was awkward but i was more worried about the “Cash Only” sign over the bar, ok and of the poster of the naked man on the wall.

5 thoughts on “Happy Grad Day

  1. congratulations joy!
    looks like the chimmeister is coming out of the closet even more and blaming it all on joy….shame on you 😛


  2. So now when u helping me with problem, i need to copay?

    I agree so muching with Chusak: Congartulations! Many many congartulations!!! (To Joy, I mean)

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