Saturday night Joy and I headed out to 944‘s offices on sunset to say see you in San Fran to Kabir and Jessica. Jessica became director of the SF office of 944, so off to the city by the bay they are going. The get together was small but still fun with all the toys that Shane bought for them from Target including another pig light.

I have to say that for a company based around selling ads, they are doing quite well with the setup they have in hollywood. A wet bar filled with alcohol, a dj booth, disco lights, plasma tvs, and a prime spot on Sunset Blvd. I hope that i’ll be invited to a real office party one of these days.

1 thought on “Tengo amigos en San Francisco

  1. Que rico! Me gusta tu camisa. Tienes familia en San Francisco tambien. Vamos a jugar este fin de semana.

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