Friday night we took the long venture out to Huntington Beach to go celebrate Joy’s good friend Alyssa’s birthday. It feels like another lifetime when I used to hang out on main street, and drink it up at the likes of Hurricanes, or Fred’s where many memorable moments happened. There was the time Brock was called sexual chocolate by some dudge, or the time Roland totally blew it with the cute bartender.

This night we were actually off main street and some dive bar called Tumbleweeds. There was a live band with a filipino guy singing covers from Franz, to Journey. Plenty of white girls doing their thing on the dance floor, and all the white guys drinking it up at the bar, and thankfully i know how to totally fit in. Just yell out “shots!” when you get there, and everyone likes you. The night was fun, but the drive back up to SM was a long one.

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