This past weekend Joy and I took an impromptu trip out to Vegas last this weekend to celebrate our first date since we don’t really have a day of when we got together. I really didn’t want to bother traveling from hotel to hotel so i booked a room at the venetian since thats where i wanted to go eat at Bouchon, and figured we could go to Tao afterwards. The whole trip was pretty fun, and we even won a little money. I wish we had a one more day to play, but really didn’t have the time off to do it all.

Bouchon was a pretty fun experience, and pretty good food too. We ordered some awesome duck confit, french onion soup, trout and their mussels and fries. Surprisingly the portions were quite generous, and couldn’t even finish our plates. The only complaint was that our server was very knowledgeable of what the specials were, but far from a black mark on the experience.

The best part was instead of blowing our money on gambling we hit up a few of their outlets, and got a lot of good deals on clothes and accessories. One dollar beanie anyone?

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