Hollywood is only nine miles away from Santa Monica, yet sometimes i feel like i can get there faster driving up from Cerritos. This week Joy made a double take to Hollywood on consecutive nights to hang out with our respective friends. Thursday night we went out to dinner with Roland to a burger bar that i’ve had only my yelp bookmark for quite a while now. We drove out to his place, then walked about four big blocks to the place, and was happily greeted with a 2-1 drink special till 9pm, and some really tasty fries. The burger was good, but the spicy mayo, was a bit overwhelming so it killed a bit of the taste.

Friday night we actually stayed up long enough to celebrate Joy’s friend’s birthday out at the Cabana Club next to the Arclight. Its nice to know that the club scene is still the same, but i think more people are smoking more then ever. Long lines, even the guest list line, that takes a good 25 minutes just to get into the place, followed up with 11 dollar drinks. The place had a tent over the outdoor area which literally trapped in all the smoke, and basically killed my buzz. We actually saw Dustin Nguyen of 21 Jump Street fame, so that was an interesting surprise.

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