Reasons why Valentines Day is the worse day ever.

If you’re single, it only emphasizes that YOU are SINGLE.

If you’re coupled up, you’re “forced” to do something special, on the same day as everyone else meaning …

  1. Flowers sold at a minimum 100% premium
  2. Restaurants create bad menus, charge extra, and are already overbooked
  3. Instant comparison to other couples activity
  4. More stupid stuffed bears that sing old love songs
  5. Thousands of greeting cards with stupid love announcements. (Unless you send one of these)
  6. Traffic jammed up the wazoo for people trying to make dinner reservations
  7. Pink hearts everywhere, even at the donut shop
  8. Bad infomercials selling stars in the name of love

Honestly, even you do get everything right, there’s a high chance of failure. I’m just saying.

1 thought on “Worst holiday ever created

  1. you should of had yourself a gothic valentines with black hearts, dead roses, white chocolate skulls, and all in the name of teen angst.


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