The end of Jonathan’s week o’freedom of child rearing while Janelle went to visit her family in seattle concluded last night at the Wiltern. It just happened to be the right timing for Velvet Revolver to be playing in Los Angeles. Who knew that Korean food went so well before a real rock concert.  Jonathan and I ended up at Soju Town to wait for Nelson. We ordered some bbq pork, and stir-fried kimchi and tofu, and were pleasantly surprised to find bacon in it! We downed a couple hites and a bottle of soju, and we were ready to rock out.

The concert said it started at 8 but we figured that after a couple opening acts the show would get started around 9, but when we got there they were on stage and had already been performing for 45 minutes.  We did end up getting to hear about 7 songs from guns and roses, stone temple pilots, and even velvet revolver. Those guys truly do have great stage presence, and Jonathan was literally mesmerized by Slash the entire show. It was a bad ass way to get to see three decades of rock bands in one show, and way better than Audioslave, since scott weiland is a better singer than axl rose.

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