Imagine my surprise when i was driving home on friday night when a taxi decided to make a U-turn from the right lane directly in front of me in the middle of the road. Not so surprising i run right into him. You know i hate driving around LAX when i have to pick somebody, or how they constantly drive recklessly on the streets like there’s a monster chasing them, but this takes the cake. Its not reassuring when i told the claims lady what happened, and she laughed and said the same thing happened to her or when the cops on the scene rolled their eyes as if it happens all the time!

Not to worry, i’m not seriously hurt except for a sore lower back, and i went to cedar sinai for a check up with a prescription for some 600mg ibprofen and even some percocet if i really need it.  Not looking for how long its going to take to get my car fixed, but thankfully the AAA has already waived my deductible even before i drop it off Monday morning.

5 thoughts on “I hate taxis.

  1. Dude! I was just talking to you yesterday and you didn’t tell me?! I hope you’re back is feeling better.

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