What started out to be a simple surprise and propose story got extended by a couple extra hours due to bad weather. Andy gave me a call late last week asking if i could help him out and take pictures of his proposal of his long time girl friend at the airport as she arrived back from a business trip. I hope its not a bad omen, but Jen almost didn’t make it out of Texas due to tornadoes and storms. After a change of plans we had to change airports and meet her at the Ontario airport.

We all arrived on time, Andy dressed in his rented zoot suit, and all of us hiding out of view. I think everyone loves proposals because all the other people in the terminal were getting quite excited as well. The plane arrived and finally she came down the escalator and eventually spotted Andy waiting for her. Lots of tears, lots of camera captured the entire event, even though i almost blew it, and shane almost missed it. She said yes, so congrats guys even though he should’ve done it in Whistler.

3 thoughts on “Hitched in stripes

  1. John!!
    Thank you so much to you and your sweet girlfriend for coming out and capturing our special moment!! It really means a lot to us! Thank you for being willing to drive all over Southern California to follow my plane… I guess it makes for a more dramatic story eh?? : )
    We should all go out to dinner soon…
    Love, Jen
    PS the Whistler photo is a nice touch!

  2. You are the best friend ever! You have been a part of so many many highlights of my life and I am glad that you were a part of this very special proposal. I hope that we keep in touch for the years to come. Thank GOD we have someone who knows how to operate the camera. Thank you again for helping me capture this most important time in my life!
    We need…I need to stop procrastinating and organize a hangout with you.

    Sincerely Always,
    Your Friend,
    Andy Veera

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