The countdown to the annual snowboard trip has hit 7 days. This year was a toss up between going back to Whistler and Heading back east to the home of Brokeback Mountain. Jackson Hole, Wyoming that is, and if you couldn’t guess we’ll be heading to the latter.  They’ve got some crazy back country, and honestly i’m either thinking of getting an avalanche beacon, or a guide but i haven’t decided which would be better. This year’s group is on the small size of five guys, including stalwarts Shane, Bubba, Ben, me, and this year including Shane’s roommate John. This will be the first time out in a city out in the middle of no where, and no real village i think.  I’ll probably have to pack up the wii so that i’ll have something to do when the sun goes down, or else you know what might happen.

3 thoughts on “Brokeback Boarding

  1. Hey this is Jen… so what’s up now that Andy’s not on the pink team anymore has Bubba found a new woman? LOL

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