I’ve seriously got like super sight now that i finally went in to get my eyes checked at the Costco Optometrist. I had a pretty difficult time focusing on things in low light situations, and after getting my new contacts i feel like the world has opened up to once again. I knew that my eyes probably got a little worse, but i had no idea how bad it was.  My original prescription was 2.5 from about two years ago,  but that shot up all the way to 3.25! I guess its my fault since i ran out of my normal contacts a few months ago and have been living off an even older prescription of a weaker power.  I had to leave my glasses for two weeks to get the lenses replaced, so its back to wearing contacts for the time being.

Who knows what possibilities this clears up, from driving at night, to playing basketball. Maybe i’ll actually be able to see how far the basketball hoop actually is!

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