Stuck on Highway 18

How about spend four hours driving down a mountain? Sounds great? Sunday’s drive was like the perfect storm of traffic, if you decided to also throw a earthquake in with it. Imagine three amusement parks closing at the same time, and the only exit out of all the parks has an accident blocking everyone. Beyond the traffic it was a great day for snowboarding.

Ben, Tiffany, Joy and I spent the night at Tiffany’s cabin in Arrowhead, and Snow Summit in the morning. The snow was still pretty good from last weekend’s snow storm, with lots of coverage all over the mountain. Afterwards, my body was already feeling the burn and thankfully picked up burger before heading down the mountain. Thank goodness because the traffic was a complete burn. We left at 2:30pm, and finally made it home by 8:00pm, and feasted on soon dubu, and pork bulgogi. Yummy.

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