I do my fare share of grocery shopping, and i don’t limit myself to just one store, considering there’s about 7 within a 1 mile radius of my apartment. There’s two Ralphs’, a Trader Joe’s, Smart and Final, Whole Foods, Albertsons, and a couple mini markets along the street. Just within these past couple days i went to four different ones, because i don’t like to plan out my meals for an entire week. These are some random observation of markets around Santa Monica.

1.) Trader Joe’s – I do have to say is my favorite of the bunch, but the Santa Monica one is a tiny store, and that was true when i went there a few days ago. The produce section was cleaned out of bagged salad, and was running low on other green things. If i didn’t know any better there were was some natural disaster coming and everyone but me was preparing for it. I talked to the register guy, and he said they must have just misjudged this week’s order. Good thing i went only to buy wine, and pepper, and they’ve got cheap butter, and cheap olive oil so i’ll keep coming back, but i still can’t wrap my taste buds around some of their branded sauces and food items.

2.) Ralph’s is where you’ll find all the lonely people in Santa Monica. Last night i went to exchange my coins at the coinstar machine and proceeded to buy some vegetables since TJ’s produce section even on a normal day can be pretty scarce. I casually walked around and saw one guy maybe in his late 20’s-mid 30’s just with a shopping cart filled with lean cuisine, while on the soup aisle i saw a woman in the same age range shoveling ramen into her cart. Even when i was poor or too lazy to cook would i have ever resorted to that sort of diet. I always made sure i had an onion or tomato so that i didn’t look like a complete idiot in the kitchen.

3.) Whole Foods – the organic food capital of the world. Seriously with all this “green” happening this year, i would suggest everyone buying huge amounts of shares in the company because its going to make a killing this year. Especially with the costco of all Whole Foods opening up in Hermosa Beach, and one in Orange County its going to drive all those wanna be hippies in droves there. I do have to admit that there ready to bake pizza is damn good, light, and crispy, its a high end mama celeste pizza. I probably wouldn’t care so much, but seriously it all some how creeps me out, especially the people that shop there.

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