New Life, New House

I got a text message this afternoon from Brock. “Hey yall. Corina and I will be on HGTV tonight at 8 pm. The show is called Design to Sell.”  I had to get my popcorn out for i knew it was going to be good. There’s nothing like seeing a really good friend on cable tv about to get tore up by a TV host about how bad their house was. I love the intro where the host says “buyer beware.” I honestly think this was the first time i’ve ever seen Brock do any sort of work in my life, and i think Corina and Brock did more laughing than actual talking the entire show, but i wouldn’t expect anything less. I do have to commend them for looking very good on camera, and Brock got a little dancing in too.  I’m going to have to find a clip of that somehow.

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