Best Movie: Transformers
Slightly cheesy, and a little racists but man was it cool Black Out landed on the army base and then started to transform. The sounds(Peter Cullen), the visuals (Megan Fox), and of course the robots.

Runner ups: Ratatouille, Knocked Up

Best TV show : Top Chef
Amazingly this is still my top show, considering that i didn’t start watching any new show religiously this year so i’ll just repeat myself from last year.

This is one of those shows that i have no idea why i like it so much. I literally can watch reruns of the show over and over and over again. I guess its the different challenges that make the chefs cook everything from cheetos to foie gras, and the secret desire that i have to be able to cook.

Runner ups: Heroes, Avatar: The Last Air Bender

Best Album: Mark Ronson – Version
I’m a sucker for remixed music, but its even better when its done in collaboration with the actual artists. Its another happy music album.

Runner ups: Radiohead – In Rainbows, Lily Allen – Alright, still

Best Concert: Groove Armada
This is a default answer since it was the only concert i went to this year, but honestly it was only so-so.
Runner ups:

Best Book – Heat: An Amateur’s Adventures as Kitchen Slave, Line Cook, Pasta-Maker, and Apprentice to a Dante-Quoting Butcher in Tuscany
Food the other life. Follow the trail that Mario Batali took to make it as a top chef.

Runners Ups: Waiting, The Reluctant Metrosexual

Best Trip – Oahu, Hawaii
How can you ever compete with Hawaii. The sun, the beach, the relaxation, and the great company made for a very excellent trip to the far west. The food there had a few hits, and a few misses, and the shopping was only ok, but the beaches were fantastic, and the views were awesome.

Runner Ups: San Francisco/Napa, Sequoia

Best Party – Seoung and Janette’s Wedding
Open bar, free slippers, and everybody together is always signs of a good time.

Runner ups: Curtis’ and Jocelyn’s Wedding, Robin and Teresa’s Wedding

Best Place to Eat – Chapeau!
A fun little place in San Francisco that serves some pretty impressive construction of food. It better be good considering how much you pay for it, but the atmosphere and the staff (including how the chef comes out to greet you).

Runner Ups: Sam Choy’s Diamond Head, A.O.C.

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