Saturday i put in a little overtime by helping out Robin doing some photography for Howie’s Game Shack’s grand opening in the Westminster mall. I rented a 50mm lens, as well as a flash for the event which i get to kill two birds with one stone since Shane and I are having a little holiday potluck at my house, so i get to use the equipment then too, but i digress. I showed up around noon, and got a list of things to shoot, but mainly i got to focus on my specialty of lifestyle shooting. Thankfully the geeks were quite happy to get there picture taken so that made things easier. The lighting was really low inside, and there weren’t many things to bounce the flash off of, but i think i did a pretty good getting shots without blinding people too badly. Although after the first couple hours the excitement was pretty much gone, and everyone was into their gaming. I really do like the 50mm 1.4, but its still a little hard to focus, but that might be because its a rental, but its really tempting me to buy one.

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