So after two years after IR i finally went in to see my cousin for a good old fashion teeth cleaning. My parents have been bugging me since i don’t currently have a dental plan (don’t worry pish, im looking into it), but the only problem is that he’s way out in Tustin, and its a pretty tough place to get to during the week from Santa Monica. Thankfully he opened up his office on a Sunday for the whole family to come in for a cleaning, including my sister, jesse, and jason. I do have to recommend him and his staff to anyone that does need to see a dentist out in orange county, because he is pretty slick at what he does.

I was initially quite embarrassed to see family about my teeth because first, i never really liked seeing the dentist, and second, i know i don’t floss as much as i need to. Its hard to hate the dentist when its family. Thankfully i can now just blame my genes since my sister had a cavity the same day, and also my parents don’t have a spotless record either.

Smile Solutions Dentistry
17542 Irvine Blvd, Suite D
Tustin, CA 92780|

Tell him Johnny sent you.

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